Workshops… Things to Consider

I can tailor a photography workshop to your individual needs, but there are a few basic things that you need to consider before signing up.


Chances are that any kind of photography involving wildlife or landscapes will require some hiking. This will vary from the heart attack inducing walks up hills and mountains to long walks in search of wildlife. So you need to consider this before paying the deposit (which is non-returnable).

Walking across a hill

But that doesn’t rule you out of engaging in a workshop if your fitness level isn’t great or if you’re in a wheelchair. I know locations where it’s easy to get shots with very little walking at all. Just highlight your needs and I’ll adjust the locations accordingly. The aim is to have fun while learning photography. Everybody’s welcome.


You’ll need camera equipment, obviously, but what else? Hiking gear, including boots, waterproofs, and warm clothing if it gets cold. The basic thing is to dress appropriately for the time of year. So that includes sunblock on the rare occasions it’s hot. A backpack or bag to carry drinks and any food you decide to bring along is essential.

Timing and Weather

Photographing nature and landscapes is highly dependent on the weather. When you sign up by paying a deposit, I’ll arrange a series of dates – usually across an individual week – that are options. If the weather is too rough on one day, then your workshop will take place on the next available date on your list.

But weather isn’t the only problem that can occur, so if life proves troublesome and you can’t attend on one day, just let me know and we’ll aim for the next.

Should all your allocated dates be unsuitable, then the workshop will be cancelled.

What’s Next?

So if you’re happy with all of that, then take another look at my workshops page and see whether you’d like to place an order.